How To Buy 4D Online Using The ATM88 Platform

In this article, I will explain how to buy 4D online on the ATM88 platform.

ATM88 provides a variety of online games. One of the most popular games is the 4D game.

If you love playing 4D games, you are very lucky because you can purchase them online without going to the 4D shop.

To buy a 4D ticket, you need to register with ATM88 first.

Click here to register with ATM88.

After you register with ATM88, you need to top-up your ATM88 account. You can use the money to buy 4D tickets. Click here for a complete guide on how to top up your ATM88 account.

How to Buy 4D Online Using the ATM88 Platform

First, you need to log in to the ATM88 platform by using your phone number and password.

Step 1

After you sign in to the ATM88 platform, you will see this screen.

Click “Masukkan Permainan” or “Enter Games” to buy 4D online tickets.

Step 2

Click the “4D” button

Step 3

This section requires you to enter your lucky number. After entering your lucky number, click the “Confirm” button.

Step 4


Step 5

Next, please choose your bet type.

There are three options: Big, Small, or 4A.

If you choose the Big bet, your winnings include special and consolation bets.

If you choose the Small bet, the prize will only include 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

If you buy the 4A bet, the price only covers his 1st place.

Step 6

Once you have selected your bet type, enter the amount you wish to bet.

Then press the “Confirm” button.

Step 7

Next, please select the bet type.

  • BH: Box Head/Pau Kepala
  • REV: Reverse
  • BOX: Pau
  • IBOX: iPau
  • BT: Box Tail/Pau Belakang

Step 8

You will see the summary of your 4D as shown in the picture below.

You can edit or delete your 4D number in this section. Click the “Add Number” button if you wish to add a new 4D number.

Step 9

After completing all the steps, click the “Bet” button to place your bet.